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What is better for fever? Even doctors will say given them Children's Motrin.

Children's Motrin

Wyeth provides some warnings in Europe, but not in the United States

Wyeth stood behind the current Children's Motrin OTC labeling in the U.S. that provides no information relating to the substantially increased risks of SJS and TEN associated with ibuprofen, and the prescription labeling in the U.S. fails to adequately and prominently describe the magnitude and severity of these adverse events.

Neither label provides physicians or the patient information critical to reducing the risk of harm from SJS and TEN by identifying the early symptoms of SJS and TEN and to discontinue the medication at the first sign of a rash, unexplained or persistent fever, or any mucosal lesion.

Jean McCawley, president of the SJS Foundation issues a warning with more than 40 percent of Americans taking at least one prescription drug (2004 CDC report), the potential for the deadly adverse drug reaction known as Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is increasing.

Drugs Linked to SJS